The Mana World

The Mana World 1.9

It's a serious effort to create an innovative free and open source MMORPG

If you are looking for a roleplay game to have fun together with thousands of users online, then I'm sure that The Mana World will surprise you a lot. This is an innovative MMORPG (Massive multiplayer online role-playing game) game that manages 2D graphics, and its objective is to create a vast online interactive world, so all the players can play freely through Internet. The Mana World project is always in constant evolution.

The Mana World is a roleplay game that will remind you of the 90's, when 2D games from Sega and Nintendo were the kings. These games, without advanced 3D graphics like nowadays', used to be easy to manage and addictive. And The Mana World has exactly these same features.

Within the game, you don't have to follow only one path; instead, you are allowed to explore and move freely through the interactive world, talking to people, fighting against them, searching for alliances, etc. You have to acquire experience in order to be successful at combats or big challenges that you will be facing while you advance in the game.

If you want to create a reputation on this virtual community, you have to build it step by step, carrying out missions that will make you take part in groups with other players.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Play online
  • Open source


  • 2D graphics could be improved
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